Monday, April 25, 2011

It's still a bridge!

Due to some extremely strong thunderstorms rolling thru the area, combined with the usual spring season high water level in the creek, the new bridge is undergoing some unscheduled stress testing.

Yea, it's up in there somewhere, over along the woodline. Can you see it? Neither can I. I was undergoing a little stress testing too.

The next morning the water receded enough that at least I can see the outline of my driveway. Maybe I should get one of those canal boats...

But, hey, I got a tractor. No problems!

Well...., maybe that wasn't such a smart move. Most tractors have a 'stack" exhaust that comes up the side of the engine and rises above the operators head. This tractor has a low exhaust similar to any car or truck. As soon as the water covered the exhaust it developed too much back pressure and shut down. Yes, I am standing in ice-cold water up to my knees to take this picture.
So, since I'm already wet, lets go see what the bridge looks like!

Amazing! It's still there!

Somehow the bridge is still intact although nothing was bolted down. The green oak timbers that this bridge is made of are extremely heavy. Ask Ben and Tory, they'll tell you! I'm thinking that because they didn't float easily, and the fact that they were placed close together contributed to the bridge's survival.

That, and a little prayer never hurt.


  1. pretty awesome that it"s still there but my gosh all that water, need some kind of drain field ,love ya john

  2. I've dug some drainage ditches to facilitate drying once the water level drops. With water of this magnitude it's pretty hopeless and you just have to figure out how to live with it. The creek usually drops back to within it's banks by the next day. It sure is muddy though. I like to think of it not as a flooded creek, but more as a moat.